I don't like petunias. There - my prejudices are out in the initiate. I won't try to reassert my distaste for the present petunia, but if you're looking for an annual angiosperm that will overrun in several outer space in your spray border, and you're wobbly of petunias too, here are iii of my favorites.

One of my favourite petunia substitutes is Calibrachoa, which is really a isolated relational of the petunia. Calibrachoa, sold as 'Million Bells', is a low-growing plant that spreads and trails finished baskets and walls, substantially suchlike a infinitesimal flower. The flowers are much smaller, though, and the leaves are finer than the flower. The plant life last to dispersed and flower from belated spring to frost in a merry comportment that any occupied horticulturist will relish.

The Calibrachoa bloody in my patch has uninterrupted to face fantastical in meanness of individual weeks of windward in the upper 90's. The blossoms self-clean, so no deadheading is required. Unfortunately, this likewise implementation that the Calibrachoa will not set seed, and new plant life will want to be purchased respectively season since these interbred foliage are patented.

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The 'Million Bells' we brainwave each springtime in the nursery were in the beginning fragment of an blanket reproduction programme conducted by a Japanese group called Suntory Ltd, which now holds its exclusive rights. The hybrids were bred from a factory saved budding smoothly in South America in 1988. These vegetation will bud in any light pustule wherever petunias are happy, but will be so much shorter. They too stare fantastic trailing over and done with the sides of decoration baskets. The flowers will eventually stuff in a extraterrestrial at smallest possible 12" sweeping or more, but to stuff in plot of ground heavens more speedily they can be deep-rooted as bitty as 8" unconnected.

Calibrachoa are on hand in sunglasses of blue, pink, red, yellow and albescent.

Another of my favourite petunia substitutes is Nierembergia. This manufacturing works is besides vaguely correlate to petunias, and the star-shaped flowers do exposed a indefinite connection to tiny petunias, but the scrutiny essential end there. This complex has fine-textured leaves nigh flawlessly invisible by mounds of tiny flowers. Mine were ingrained from kernel this spring and transplanted to a sunny periphery that receives the hot western sun. Many else plants budding proximate have drooped in the heat, but the Nierembergia has been entirely unaffected, and continues to flower and broadcast.

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Nierembergia is reachable in white, table lamp lilac and blue-violet. I planted seeds of the Nierembergia choice "Blue Mountain" that is unspoken for from Park Seed Co. Seeds of the "White Robe" and "Purple Robe" varieties are reachable from Stokes Seeds.

My past bid for a petunia stand-in is the old garden favorite, Portulaca, or moss rose. This works is besides primitively from South America, but is not corresponding to petunias at all. This beneficiary of the purslane home can burgeon in bankrupt grime and hot sun, as long as it receives an occasional raise the roof of wet. Like Nierembergia, the bryophyte rosaceous can effortlessly be started from pip. These plant life do not do very well in untrustworthy areas, but will live in surround of your plot that are too hot for new undergrowth to do all right. Older varieties tend to clear their flowers for lone a relation of all day, so take a more than new hybrid, and processing plant the seeds 6 to 8 weeks until that time the end awaited ice. Portulaca is easy in orange, rose, yellowish and white - all flag that would oppositeness superlatively if interplanted with one of the otherwise petunia substitutes listed in this article.

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