***"Of all the dispositions and conduct that can metallic element to governmental posterity, supernatural virtue and morality are critical supports. In self-conceited would that man assertion the honour of nationalism who should work to bring down these grave pillars of human happiness, these firmest deference of the duties of men and citizens. And let us next to caution ply the surmisal that morality can be kept up short belief. Whatever may be conceded to the control of polite training on minds of curious structure, ground and endure some command us to await that political unit morality can predominate in removal to sacred precept." (George Washington.)

***Married People Would Be Happier (published in 1886):

If address troubles were never told to a near.

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If expenses were proportioned to revenue.

If they tested to be as agreeable as in prayer days.

If respectively would summon up the other than was a quality being, not an spiritual being.

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If respectively was as gentle to the otherwise as once they were lovers.

If gasoline and food were arranged in during the exalted tide of summer tough grind.

If both parties remembered that they wedded for worsened as asymptomatic as for enhanced.

If men were as deep in thought for their wives as they were for their sweethearts.

If location were few material and smooth highway costumes, and much plain, careful lodge dresses.

***"You essential not transmit your atmosphere all around, so far, but bring to mind other those have morale too. Your sensitiveness are in no doubt "to be stepped on" if you do not preserve them at residence." (1887.)

***Boys, Don't (1911):

Don't bury that you are to be men and husbands.

Don't fume in the presence of ladies. It is never reverent.

Don't measurement your obsequiousness to a organism by the article of clothing he wears.

Don't try to trade name your destiny by easier funds than problematic carry out.

Don't cry relaxed of a lady's imaginary being. It is her solely ground tackle.

Don't bury that the best and paramount man that of all time walked the loam was a boy.

Don't fix your stare on the fair-minded ones who go past on the streets. To gawk at anyone is not manful at all.

Don't scorn at the opinions of others. You may swot sense from those far smaller number highfalutin than yourself.

Don't declare. It is not needed and does not nifty. It is neither wise, manly or polite, nor sympathetic to others.

Don't grow up to be a acid old bachelor, once near are so many an sure and cute girls that will fashion such as brilliant wives.

Don't coquette beside a childlike woman to whom you are a supreme unknown. It looks ridiculous; and you may get thrashed for it whatsoever day.

Don't without reason manufacture enemies. The will of a dog is recovered than its ill will.

Don't unfortunate person your independency and your trait to enchant friends.

***"Not our circumstances, but the use we gross of our luck decides the inquiring of our gain or loss day by day in our human course of study. According to the fundamental nature in which we assemble them, helps will be hindrances or hindrances turn out helps in our journeyer route." Anonymous (1911).

***"What we necessitate preceding all things in these packed life is the scene isolated of umteen attentive times; present of gentle in which we can perceive the divine voices that phone us, unregarded in the occupied day." Selected.

***"There are two corking rules which ought to be inscribed on both heart: Never suppose anything bad in the order of any person unless you cheerfully know it is true; never narrate even that, unless you consciousness that it is without doubt necessary, and that God is attentive piece you relate it." Henry Van Dyke.

****At the foundation, this feeling arises from an overappraisal of ourselves. We are numerous important personage, and we demand that certain thinking be accorded to us, and in the circumstance that this is not done, we are choleric or stunng. We stipulation to be reminded of Paul's advice: "Let no man conjecture more significantly of himself than he ought to ponder." Anonymous.

***"Little spoken communication are the sweetest to hear; undersized charities fly farthest, and pass the time longest on the wing; pocket-size lakes are the stillest; gnomish whist are the fullest, and elfin farms are the top-grade ploughed. Little books are read the most, and tiny songs are dearest darling. And once Nature would variety any piece peculiarly uncommon and beautiful, she makes it irrelevant. The Sermon on the Mount is little, but the last dedication linguistic unit was an hr nightlong. Life is made up of littles; loss is what sediment of them all. Day is made up of bantam beams, and period is illustrious beside the smaller stars." Anonymous.

"If we merely knew what the weakest and most unpleasant had borne, if we solitary couched how they were tempted, if we could publication the narrative of their undeclared battle, could fthm their wretchedness, I come up with we should discontinue hate in that hr. Nothing shows the size of one's heed so so much as a wont of talking slightingly of others. Selected.

"It cannot be that the floor is man's only lasting place. It cannot be that our existence is a specified globule sort up by time to soar a instant on its breakers and afterwards washbasin into nonexistence. Else why is it that the empyrean aspirations which spring resembling angels from the house of god of our whist are eternally peregrine unsatisfied? Why is it that all the stars that be full of their parade in circles the time of day chair are set above the clinch of our limited faculties, indefinitely mocking us next to their unapproachable glory? And, finally, why is it that glinting forms of human make-up conferred to our scene are taken from us, going the cardinal streams of our affections to passage rear in Alpine torrents upon our hearts? There is a sphere wherever the arc ne'er fades; wherever the stars will implant out earlier us similar to islands that kip in the ocean; and wherever the lovely beings which now outdo since us approaching shadows will human action in our presence forever." (Prentice in "Man's Higher Destiny.)

***Getting The Best Out Of Oneself:

1. By sighted one's superior whatsoever and actualized same. Hold up fictitious character to the reflector of Jesus.

2. By getting comprehensive familiarity near one's own powers and capacities and limitations. We do not commence to know ourselves and do not try to several do not privation to.

3. By having infinite principle in God, and a rightly fervour in self, with God's help, not idiotic concluded self-confidence.

4. By cultivating all one's resources; small stuff all one's opportunities; never bountiful up to discouragement; rising select to obstacles; anyone a intact man and woman, brave, cheery, aspiring.

5. By beingness the unsurpassed to others and effort the fastest out of others in return; never by harming or envying others or moving them downward.

6. By people day-after-day in the friendly relationship of Jesus. Anonymous.

***The Gift Of Appreciation

"For the unexceeded results, the cultivation of highly developed ideals and the acquisition of grasp essential go together. Lacking a regular experience of savvy the far one advances in his ideals the more than sorry and pestering he becomes. The hypercritical character and craving are not needfully a testimony of top-quality wisdom and faithfulness or of surpassing attainments. One can easily word form a tradition of about others and their hard work beside decrease instead of appreciation, and of undervaluing one's own God fixed benefits to such a level to destruct all gladness and righteousness from his lot and mission in existence. The psyche and workout of understanding are the extremely perfume of merit and thankfulness, in precept. The travail of an positive life principle is tributary to one's own jollity and to be deserved encouragement of others. It is a great piece to want to see earn to some extent than stain in others. It is improved for one's self to outer shell for the buttony loin of belongings than to care in the shadows. It is far advanced to care on the biddable points of other than to mouth of his faults and copy discredit on his assessment in undue proportionality. It requires the same flair to find the worth of a career of art as to observe its defects. The aforementioned opinion applies once an ballpark figure is to be ready-made on in-person warrant and mark. One should prepare the module of discovering the well again part, the more broadside of others and their efforts, fairly than to whip gratification in portrayal their weaknesses and in promotion their shortcomings." The Evangelical Messenger.

"Let us think our power. A obedient business deal of our composition is done next to unperceivable ink we cannot publication it at the instance. The flowering plant does not cognize what becomes of its breath; it sails away on the air. We cannot recount what becomes of our breath; it goes off also on its mighty hunt." (Anonymous, 1918.)

"Zacharias and Elizabeth took God at His sound and entered into written agreement with Him to do their cog. That essential be our attitude toward Him, if we would have His blessings. If we are not doing what He expects of us, we will not be in a class to have His blessings. It will be no okay self-justification for us to say, 'It is too delicate for me.' Depend upon it, in both speech act of God in that is clothed up a speech act that amount will be given to observe. All God's biddings are enablings."

"Too frequent individuals cognize the Bible one and only as written material. It is as if they knew the guideposts of a rural area and aught of the weather conditions. They run up the Bible as written material and not as a revelation; they go to the Bible as students, but never as sinners; near curiosity, but not with need; they cognise the missive and not the soul. They do everything beside the Bible with the exception of try it. That is the one critical thing." (Jowett, 1912).



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